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April Garden Tips

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Garden Tips – April

Now is a good time to start summer flowering bulbs indoors. Gladiolus, cannas, and dahlias can be started in pots inside and then moved outdoors after danger of frost.

Cut spent flowers on tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and other spring flowering bulbs as the flower fades. Do not cut the foliage until it dies naturally. The leaves are necessary to produce food for strong bulbs for next year.

Remove sticks, rocks, and other debris from your lawn to prevent damaging your lawnmower or injuring yourself when mowing. Check your lawnmower and other lawn care equipment in preparation for the coming season. Put a birdhouse in the garden or even a bat house to attract insect-eating friends.

Measure rainfall with a rain gauge posted near the garden so you can tell when to water. The garden needs about one inch of rain per week from April to September.