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Garden Center – Soil, Mulch & Stone

for all your gardening needs…

A full selection of garden mulch, decorative stone, top soil, compost and more…

At Daniel’s Lawn & Garden, we feature a complete selection of:

  • Dr. Earth Organic Soils
  • Bagged & Bulk Decorative Stone
  • Bagged & Bulk Mulch
  • Bagged & Bulk Rubber Mulch
  • Bagged & Bulk Top Soil
  • Bagged & Bulk Compost
  • Planting Mix
  • Bulk Brown Dyed Mulch
  • Bulk Red Dyed Mulch
  • Bulk Ichbin & Right Dress
  • Bulk Hardwood Mulch
  • Bulk Playground Mulch

Landscape mulch adds so much to your home and garden. Mulching reduces weeds, helps the soil retain moisture during the warmer months and provides a nice finishing touch to your garden beds and landscapes. At Daniels Lawn & Garden we offer bulk mulch delivery and bagged mulches.

Mulch Calculator

How much mulch or amendment do you need?


Garden Size (sq. ft.):


Area Calculator if you’re not sure about this)


You will need:
2-cubic-foot bags or
3-cubic-foot bags or
cubic feet or
cubic yards or
pickup truck loads (midsize)
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